ALT65 star fighters are used by the aureillans  as deadly vehicles designed for close and long-range air support to their ground troops. Coupled with dense, protected armor, several powerful weapons and rapid terminal velocity, the Airship is used for general combat and close air support of the ground forces. Ships are almost always present where Aureillans roam. And if not present can be called in a matter of seconds.


The Airships are used as air support vehicles, armed with a variety of powerful weapons for rapid battle domination. They are armed with two laser cannons and very powerful strike bombs that are used as payload, which are capable enough to kill hundreds at a time, and possibly more. They are usually seen flying in the air and are extremely deadly against ground forces. It is unknown what their weakness is. However EMP's from strong Atomic bombs can deactivate the ship.

Use of BombsEdit

Aureillan ship use very powerful bombs that, if enough can destroy entire districts.

they were often and most commonly used to protect aureillan airbases.