Annelids was a 6.1 metre (about 20 feet) relative of centipedes and millipedes, native to Britain and the United States. It was the largest known land invertebrate of all time and grew so large because Genesis 7 had fused with the oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere. A burrower, they have poor eye sight but have excellent sense of smell and touch.


The body of the Annelids was composed of thirty plates,each under them had a pair of legs,so the Annelids could be 60 foot long,it was the largest arthropod,it was very fast and easily manouvered through trees and logs.There are 10 types of Annelids.


Annelids are omnivores,taking after herbivorous millipedes and the carnivorous centipedes.

in britain warehouse


As an omnivore they were part carnivorous, they have powerful pincers and venomous bite and can easily be provoked into attacking. Symptoms of Annelid poisoning include:

  • Uncontrolled shaking.
  • Anaphylaxis.
  • Short term memory loss in recovered patients.
Once bitten the venom then begins to slowly attack the central nervous system, not so far removed from modern biochemistry as to be totally ineffective, and any enzyme inhibitor would be detrimental to an extent. However as the Annelids are detritus eaters they make no attempt to eat their victims

the annelids only fear,fire

Background historyEdit

When the Genesis 7 chemcal became an airborn virus it fused with oxygen and slowly oxygen started to become the main composition of the atmosphere.The annelids were created this way by absording the oxygen and growing to extreme sizes.They terrorized Britain Great Britain and killed thousands of people,most of the population was in london crawling through the ruins of the once great city.The annelids only weakness and fear was fire and it was the only way to kill one.There are ten species the most common species is in britain while the other 9 species exist somewhere in the tropics.