Minas Sombra


Azalus, or as it was originally known, Minas Sombra, was a very large planet, however it lacked natural heavy metals meaning its density was less than that of most worlds. The planet was originally a lush jungle world with vast oceans, though the Wraiths eventually transformed it into a polluted and barren wasteland.

Once it became known as Azalus, much of the surface became covered by flat, marshy bogs, stagnant, muddy puddles and patches of sickly marsh grass inhabited by insects and spiders. The few other species to survive the environmental changes mutated and adapted to the pollutant laden environment. Some, like the Fell Dragon were able to extract nutrients from the industrial waste of the Wraiths. Others developed extensive chemical defenses. The areas still habitable by the native species were viciously competed for making the many of the species on Azalus some of the most aggressive animals in the galaxy.

The atmosphere was also polluted by strip-mining operations and heavy industrialization, and a greasy rain drizzled down on the surface. Raw materials were constantly strip-mined from the planet's surface and shipped to Its only moon, for processing and export.