Brian Swells

Brian Irons was Dulles City's corrupt Chief of Police of the city's local precint.


Swells was arrested for two rape charges as a university student. He underwent psychiatric evaluation as a result of the charges, but was released due to circumstantial evidence as well as his phenomenal academic standing. His criminal history was found out through a mysterious fax sent to Mina Ramsey

According to his financial records, Swells had been taking bribes from A.R.P, particularly from Jeff Landon himself for five years before the Dulles City outbreak. To keep A.R.P from any harm, and ensure that he continued to receive bribes, swells closed down the Special tatics division after an incident in the Norm mountain and to keep them from going on with their investagation

Irons had taken personal offence for A.R.P ruining his town as the outbreak became apparent and he was responsible for the deaths of at least several officers when he went insane and hunted them like game

Mina Ramsey first met the Chief in his office with the recently deceased body of a young women on top of his desk. He later disappeared from the office after using his secret door to escape to the basement. He left his
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Swells with Young Women meeting Mina for the first time

diary nearby in which he described his desires to hunt down the girl and use her body as a stuffed trophy, indicating he was an avid taxidermist. He lied to Mina, claiming that the Women died after being attacked by a Tyrant.

Mina confronted Swells one last time in a hidden room behind his office before he was killed by (surpisely) by Jeff Landon