The Dulles City Police Department (DPD for short) is the main hub for Dulles City's police force, including the nearby Norm Mountains. The Dulles SWAT and the Special Tactics teams were part of this organization


The DPD is the city's police force, responsible for enforcing the law and keeping the peace in the city. They were a well-equipped force, with two elite units (Special Tatics and its successor, the SWAT). The DPD's main headquarters, was a former art museum, it was Downtown Dulles, on Ennerdale Street, one of the city's main streets. It is unknown if there were other precincts, although it is likely due to the population of the city.

The Dulles Police Department also had several helicopters with a helipad on top of the police headquarters. One of the helicopters launched to evacuate was destroyed when a stray bullet from an officer's gun shot the pilot. This killed the pilot instantly and the helicopter crashed, killing the officer and destroying part of the DPD. The DPD officers are split into three main branches, the normal patrol officers who run the day to day operations of the station, the Dulles SWAT and the Special Tactics.