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The Norm' Mountains' is a region within the western United States near Dulles City.

Location & EcologyEdit

The Norm Mountains are situated northwest of Dulles City, and are a popular hiking and camping destination frequented regularly by Dulles's nature-loving populace. Most of the Norm region is unused and is almost completely covered with heavy vegetation

The Norm Mountains are classified as temperate hardwood forest, with the region being dominated by Pine trees, Maple trees, Oak trees and other native plant life such as Dulles City's signature coloured herbs. The herbs were first discovered in the Norm region and are often used for medicinal purposes both locally and abroad. The Norm Mountains are well known throughout the medical community, with the Green, Blue, and Red herbs having revolutionized the healthcare industry and garnered massive profits for pharmaceutical companies.

Each herb has its own unique medicinal value and, being completely natural, have no known side effects associated with their use. They can be mixed together and converted into capsule or powder form to achieve different curative effects


The current status of the mountains are unknown.Though it is speculated that they were destoryed along with Dulles City.