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Smilodon (or Sabre-toothed cat) was a big cat from the Late Pleistocene era. As its name suggests, it has two large scythes for teeth. Smilodon lived in North America ans hunted bison and horses and columbian mammoth. Smilodon was the largest saber toothed cat, weighing up to 550kg.

Facts Edit

Smilodon is a prehistoric cat, larger than the modern African lion but twice it´s weight. Despite having large, menacing saber-teeth, in reality they were quite fragile and they could easily be broken if they hit a bone. This was proved by a skull of a wolf found with a saber-teeth from Smilodon. Tests were also conducted using artificial teeth, and a dead cow as the object to which the famous sabres would bite down on. The tests proved that Smilodon could only kill it´s prey by using it´s immense power, and only when it had its prey firmly pinned down to ground could it use the famous teeth to bite down and crush its preys' throat. It was also estimated to have been capable of running at 30 kilometers per hour. However, it could not sustain this speed for long as it had low stamina. {{Quote|Known as Saber-Tooth Cat, from North and South America, short tail, powerful front legs and muscular neck, long canines.|