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Region Quill
Sector Quill
System Quill
Position R-12
Sun Two
[Climate] Wet
Cities profundidades de los océanos
Population 100 million [Mexican](65%)[French](25%)American(10%)
[Government] [Tetrarchy]2265-2203 [Hereditary Monarchy]2203-2345 [Democratic Monarchy]2345-?
Affilation None

Geography Edit

Subterra is in the M32 Galaxy it was an oceanic world with only three medium-sized contients.All the contients were islands battered by super sized storms.All the contients were flat and had only small hills.All the mountains were underwater.

Early History Edit

The early history of subterra was unknown until 2365 when explorers discovered the Subtreans.The species was immediately hostile towards humans and tension were high.when humans began settlements on the planet things got worse and small pocket feuds began and lifes on both sides.Proganda made things worse.a year after humans made their government and capital along hundreds of other indivual cities war was wedged.

First War of subterra Edit

The first war of subterra started in 2235 and ended in 2203 along with the tetrarchy and marked the begining of the hereditary monarchy.Its unknown what damage and exact casaulties happened during the war.Queen Lyanna took over after the war and the subtreans disappeared.They are said to have went into the seas of subterra and they were rumored to have went extinct.

House Charlotte Edit

The hereditary monarchy started with house charlotte after charles charlotte  who was the only surviving leader from the war.He reformed the government and died shortly after.His life before the reformation of government was loss to history.Lyanna,his daughter became queen.During the time of house charlotte (which last most of the hereditary monarchy's time as government)

House Bouvier Edit

When queen josephine married john bouvier house bouvier came into power.This house was the last to take power.Some of the most famous queens and kings in history.This house was intially started by Queen Roxanna and ended with King Jamal.

Second War of Subterra Edit

The second war of subterra was started by a disagreement with americans being the only people to become leardership and a civil war was started.Things went from bad to worse with the return of the subtreans.Thhis war lasted four years and was headed by an Unidentified Queen who lead during war and died three years later.The war ended around 2367.

The short rule of House Green Edit

House green was in truth house bouvier but when vernita bouvier changed her surname to green,house green was made and only housed five monarchs.The last being King Rori,who was the last monarch of the hereditary government.

Democratic Monarchy Edit

The democratic monarchy was a promient form of government with peace and prospirty.

Isolationists Edit

Subterra was a part of the senate until 2323 when it became neutral and independent.